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Teen & Adult Online Courses

*** NOTICE ***
We have "Limited Enrollment" for In-Car Lessons
for On-Line Students.

In order to have a more manageable schedule & work load,
we have "limited enrollment" for our school. We reserve the right to accept or deny enrollment for the above stated reasons.

For the Ohio Teen Online Course go to...

Students must first complete at least 2 Hours of the course
and have received
The Certificate of Enrollment.
Customers must then present the original, hard-copy certificate to the driving school upon signing up for In-Car Lessons.
All sign-ups must be pre-scheduled by appointment only!

*** NOTICE ***
The teenage on-line approach is approximately a 3 week process,
just the same as the Full 32 Hour Course.

"IF" our schedule permits,
In-Car Lessons are conducted for a Fee of
Payment must be Paid-in-Full/Up-Front

For the Ohio Adult Abbreviated Course go to...

Duke Driving School is affiliated with All Star Driver Education Inc.
** We do NOT accept students who use another On-Line Provider. **