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Cost & Payment Options


The cost for driver education at Duke is way below the national average!!!


The cost of Driver Education varies by the city and state where you reside, along with which company you choose as your driver education provider. Each state has different regulations as to how much classroom and behind-the-wheel time is required per student. An overall estimate for the normal and usual cost for driving schools across the country is between $299 and $599. That makes the national average price $449! Some schools also charge $5 to $10 extra for the Certificate of Completion along with gas surcharges.
Pay-in-full up-front and you'll receive $20 off the regular price of $335.00! [Our regular price is cheaper than the national average by $114.00!] This means our discount price of $315.00 is $134.00 cheaper than the average price!! Plus, there are no extra charges for the Certificate of Completion and no extra gas surcharges - those costs are factored into the price at Duke Driving School.
$$$  In short, you SAVE MONEY when you drive with Duke!!  $$$

*** Payment Options ***

 Pay $315 & SAVE $20!!
To get $20 off you must "pay-in-full, up-front."
We accept payments with Cash, Check, or Money Order.
*There is a $25 charge for Returned Checks with insufficient funds.*

{ Debit/Credit Cards are not accepted at the office at this time. }

*** Partial Payments ***

If you are only able to make a deposit, you'll pay the Full Price of $335.
 No student may enroll without a minimum-down-payment of $185.00. 
The balance of $150 will be due on or before the last class.

There will be no In-Car Scheduling until the balance due is paid-in-full.

For your convenience you may make a payment through
*** PayPal ***
via the button provided below.
** Payment via PayPal is for the Full 32 Hour Course only! **