Duke Driving School, LLC
Teen & Adult Driving Instruction

Class Schedule

In keeping with the requirements of the State of Ohio, our students must complete 24 hours of Classroom Instruction and 8 hours of In-Car Instruction. After completing the full 32 hour course, and successfully passing the State-approved Final Written Exam, students will receive a Certificate of Course Completion which they must present when taking their actual Driving Test at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles Exam Station.

  * Classes are held every TUESDAY & THURSDAY from 5:00 PM to 9:15 PM. *

We conduct just 6 classes in 4 hour sessions: Classes A through F...
Classes A & B week one;
Classes C & D week two;
Classes E & F week three;
then, classes start over again.
If a student should miss a session, simply look through the Calendar provided below to see when that class session is offered again.

Student attends Class A on Tuesday, but can't make it to Class B on Thursday; just look at when Class B is offered again at a later date, and come to that session.

*** NOTICE ***

Students may begin at any time.
They do not have to take the classes in order.

Student enrolls at the Class C session, he/she attends Class C on Tuesday & Class D on Thursday for their first week at Duke. The next week he/she attends Class E on Tuesday & Class F on Thursday. Then he/she would return for Class A on Tuesday & Class B on Thursday the following week and finish the classes.
We arrange our classes in 4 hour blocks of time. This 4 hour time period is split up into 2 distinct class sessions seperated by a 15 minute break. Students are required to complete all 24 hours of classroom instruction before beginning any behind-the-wheel instruction. Once a student has attended all 6 of the 4 hour classroom sessions (and the price balance is paid-in-full) he/she may begin driving with Duke In-Car.
Duke Driving School classes and/or in-car instruction will not be offered on Thanksgiving Day, nor during the holiday week between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day.